In Elephants Footsteps
Bush Walks in Sabi Sabi Game Reserve

No Sabi Sabi safari is complete without a morning bush walk! With each step you will feel closer to the earth and the bush than ever before. This is no ordinary walk in the woods but a guided foot safari in the wilderness with an armed ranger.As you bend to examine a set of prints in the soil or admire the intricacies of a spider's web heavy with dew, your focus is fully engaged in the here and now. A kaleidoscope of incredible detail that is overlooked on game drives springs to life in glorious perspective.With each new discovery you'll come to understand a bit more about your surroundings. You'll be able to hear, smell and see much more than you ever imagined. The delicate unfurling of a leaf and the movement of nature's tiniest creatures are all co-ordinated by the seasons and even the time of day, so you won't have the same experience twice.

Sabi Sabi Bush Walks

Guided bush walks in the Sabi Sabi take place after breakfast at a time arranged between the guests and the ranger. These adventures set off in small groups from each lodge so you will have a truly personalised experience. Your ranger will brief you in advance on how to behave should you encounter animals along the way. Longer walks may require you take a small back pack with water.

The Experience

Your ranger will look for signs in the bush of any animal that may have passed that way and estimate how long ago it occurred. You can all examine the spoor (footprints or tracks) and then decide if you would like to follow for a possible sighting.Tracking the animal through the bush is a thrilling activity and you never know what will happen. If you find it, getting close enough to take a photo is difficult. Animals are acutely aware of everything around them and their senses are sharp for good reason. One whiff of a predator or even an enthusiastic group of tourists creeping up on them and they can vanish in the blink of an eye.

Expert Rangers

Sitting in a land rover distorts your perspective somewhat, so when you get close to an animal while on a guided walking safari, you will be amazed at the actual size of the animal and its ability to blend into the vegetation. Every animal is fascinating and big or small your ranger knows about them all, so you can learn a lot on this adventure.On the walk you can interact with your guide, ask questions and keep a look out for birdlife. You can also investigate termite mounds, the homes of other creatures and look at all kinds of flora. Your ranger will give you interesting facts and information on whatever you find and pretty soon you will be blown away by just how miraculous nature really is.Should you encounter a more dangerous animal, your ranger will immediately assess the situation and give you quiet instructions. The most important thing is not to panic or run, just move behind the ranger and do exactly what he or she says. These will be heart stopping moments but unforgettable too and you may even be able take a photo to remember it by!

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