Sabi Sabi Travel Guide

Everything you need to know about going on safari in Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve in South Africa.

Conservation in the Sabi Sabi

Conservation in the Sabi Sabi is a multi-faceted business requiring constant dedication and care not just for the environment but for everyo...more

Game Drives in Sabi Sabi

On game drives in the Sabi Sabi, you can look forward to intriguing close encounters with animals and a unique window of opportunity to see ...more

Helping Hands - Community Projects

At Sabi Sabi, you'll hear traditional Shangaan stories and see this living culture in action but you can also enjoy a tour into the local vi...more

Honeymooning in the Sabi Sabi Game Reserve

After months of wedding preparations, honeymooning in the Sabi Sabi Game Reserve will be a blissful retreat where no luxury is spared and ev...more

In Elephants Footsteps – Bush Walks

No Sabi Sabi safari is complete without a morning bush walk! With each step you will feel closer to the earth and the bush than ever before....more

Indulging the Senses at the Sabi Sabi Spa

Safari and Spa just seem to go together in the most wonderful way at Sabi Sabi Game Reserve. Indulge your senses with beauty, body and skin ...more

Learn to Shoot Like a Pro on a Photographic Safari

At Sabi Sabi you can learn to shoot like a pro on a photographic safari and totally impress your friends and family with inspirational image...more

Safari by Starlight

A safari by starlight in the Sabi Sabi explores the transition from day to night in the bush. As night descends the nocturnal hunters begin ...more

Saying I Do at Sabi Sabi Game Reserve

Saying 'I do' at Sabi Sabi Game Reserve can be exactly what you want it to be – totally unforgettable! A safari wedding should be a dream ...more

Shangaans and Sangomas

On a Sabi Sabi safari you can soak up the rich heritage of the Shangaan people and find out more about their traditional African culture or ...more

The History of the Sabi Sabi

The Sabi Sabi area has always been a great wilderness, packed with wildlife and immense potential. In the early 1800's this tract of land wa...more

Why Sabi Sabi is Perfect for a Safari with Kids

At Sabi Sabi your kids will have on safari, fun in the bush and fun while learning about nature! It's the perfect solution for th...more
Sabi Sabi Reserve - South African Safari
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