Game Drives in Sabi Sabi Game Reserve

On game drives in the Sabi Sabi, you can look forward to intriguing close encounters with animals and a unique window of opportunity to see them undisturbed in their natural habitat.There is something spectacular about venturing deep into the Sabi Sabi wilderness and then witnessing a pride of Lion preparing to hunt or a Cheetah racing at full speed after its prey on the plains. These moments are unpredictable and special in every way - you will never have the same experience repeated. Every hour and every season offers a new perspective.

The Sabi Sabi Game Drive

Excitement is always high before a game drive, the air is heavy with expectation and every guest lives in the moment while enjoying refreshments, snacks and camaraderie. The rangers and trackers have collaborated, discussed strategies and compared reports in preparation for another exciting safari - it's all systems go once each person is on board their respective land rover.On a crisp early morning drive you will see the bush come alive as the sun rises, the air is fresh and aromatic and the birds literally herald the dawn. Diurnal animals take advantage of the cool morning hours to move about and prepare for the day, while creatures of the night after hunting and foraging seek shelter and rest. Your tracker will scan every mark and trail along the way and confer with your ranger as to the best route to follow.As the rays of the sun transform the dark, the light intensifies and the heat rises. It is a glorious feeling to be out at this time of day, truly breathtaking! You may spot a Leopard quickly pulling it's kill up into a tree before the nearest Hyena can steal it away or you could see unique interaction between Lion and Wild Dog. Brief radio communication between vehicles is used to share information and harness opportunities for a wide range of sightings.

The Sabi Wilderness

Competition between the top predators in the bush is fierce - how these skirmishes turn out is the stuff of legend. In the bush, news travels fast in the animal kingdom - faster than the human observers can comprehend that is. Animals in the wild are highly adaptive and acutely aware of everything around them.The slightest scent on the wind or a warning bird call and every creature in the vicinity instantly knows danger is near or a kill has been made. Predators must secure or eat their kills immediately or be prepared to face challengers coming for easy meals. Each game drive in the Sabi Sabi sets off with the chance of experiencing something unforgettable, but it is not all just about predator action.Courtship in the wild adds another fascinating aspect as does seeing a mother interact with her offspring. Observing a herd of Elephant at the water's edge is a photographer's delight while bird watchers will be astounded at the incredible variety that can be viewed in just one day. Each game drive in the Sabi Sabi is an adventure and even the rangers are amazed at the possibilities.

In Elephants Footsteps – Bush Walks

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